Innovation Drives

We are relentless in our pursuit of breakthroughs
of innovative supplements for companion and
livestock animals.

Born in the US with a Relentless Pursuit for Innovation in the Animal Health Industry: Zoeuticals is a research and development focused animal health brand of Zoleant LLC with its headquarters in New York. To achieve greater geographic coverage and increase Zoeuticals' product diversity, Zoleant Feedceuticals B.V. was established in Amsterdam. Our concentration and dedication is towards the development of innovative advancements in nutritional supplement products for companion and livestock animals.

Our Aspiration

To apply innovation towards all our activities for the enhancement of the quality of life globally by focusing on the well-being of animals and achieving this through our unique veterinary products.

Our Responsibility

Our focus is on the importance of providing well-being throughout all activities; the well-being created by the products we supply, the well-being of our strategic global partners, and the well-being of our professionals with an aim to make a difference in local communities and those around the world.

Quality and Safety

Consistently complying with the standards and requirements of those regional authorities in which we have activities while ensuring that the Zoeuticals understandings of high quality and product safety are met. This is an indispensable aspect of the global animal health industry.

Efficiency and Flexibility

In order to react to the rapid changes in the global socio and economic conditions, Zoeuticals seamlessly co-operates with different internal and external divisions to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Zoeuticals operations are entirely utilized through our worldwide networks in which the well-managed and transparent partnerships allow for a competitive edge. It is these partnerships that expedite and push for further global expansion.

Strong Developing Portfolio

Product development and their effective launching is a crucial key for the success of the Company and our Partners. This requires continuous input from our global partners while our internal teams strive for opportunities in continuous research and development.

Team Culture

Zoeuticals aspires to provide an attractive and responsible workplace to promote the well-being and continuous development of its personnel through teamwork, social activities, continued education, and growth.


Develop and launch a steady stream of new innovative and cost-effective veterinary supplements to our global partners.


Being committed to working closely with our global affiliated companies, partners, and distributors to understand the needs of the customers in those territories to ensure an exceptional level of satisfaction with appropriate products.


Continuous development to achieve corporate, environmental and operational improvements for ensured sustainability with a focus on occupational safety.


In order for Zoeuticals to develop and take manageable risks, the Company must grow faster than our markets of operation. This is an essential business model of the Company as a whole and is not just limited to our geographic strategic affiliations, partners or the product offerings.


Our mission is to improve upon and make significant contributions to pharmaceutical products by ways of applying supplemental therapy. We turn ideas into solutions that adds value for veterinarians, animal owners, and the animals themselves.

Innovation is not just our products, innovation is also the idea of our products, their production methods and processes, and the innovative production facilities that have allowed for the introduction of new ideas, which are now widely acceptable throughout all regions.

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